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  • ​Bowl and spiral in stainless steel.

  • Steel printed carpentry for added strength.

  • minimal maintenance.

  • easy to use control panel.

  • possibility of programming the working cycle and to ensure repetitiveness by 2 timers.

  • Safety device with machine block as soon as you lift the protection of the tank.

  • stainless steel or  plexiglas protections.

  • possibility to add reverse bowl rotation and wheels for easier machine movements.


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  •  in free bath.

  • tank and fork are made in aluminum alloy.

  • Suitable for medium / soft baguette dough and other traditional French breads.

  • tank brakes in order to keep the speed constant.

  • 3 models: manual controls, semiautomatic and automatic.


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  • A heavy-duty mixer which facilitates the absorption of water by the movement of the tools used, reminiscent of the arms;

  • interchangeable tools;

  • stainless steel tank and utensils;

  • particularly suitable for very hydrated dough.